Electronic Funds Transfer / Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

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Provider Identifiers
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Financial Institution Information

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Submission Information

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(A letter on bank letterhead that formally certifies the account owners' routing and account numbers)
Please be sure to have a copy of your voided check or bank letter available, you will be prompted to upload it on the next page.
Delta Dental of New Jersey will confirm new requests for new enrollments, changes in enrollment and enrollment cancellations using the
phone number or email address we have on file for your office.

Authorized Signature

In consideration for the provision of direct deposit services, by signing below, I authorize Electronic Funds Transfer from Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. (on behalf of Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc., other Delta Dental member companies and their affiliates) to direct payments to the bank account indicated above.
I understand that (a) this authorization extends to all payments due to this Authorizing Entity for all providers associated to its TIN or EIN and at the service office(s) listed above; and (b) the information provided above is subject to an audit at the discretion of Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc.
Delta Dental member companies and their affiliates will not be responsible for any damages, or any fee, charge or other expense assessed against the Bank Account identified above, in connection with this direct deposit program.
This authority is to remain in full force and effective until Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. receives written notification from the authorized signee of its termination in such time and manner as to afford Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. reasonable opportunity to act on it.
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Submission Date:   10/26/2020

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